I’m a professor of public law at the University of Chieti-Pescara, Italy and honorary visiting professor 2016-2021 at the York Law School (UK)

1997 Ph.D. University of Florence, Italy

1989    LLB (Hons) Bologna University, Italy

My work revolves around methodological and theoretical aspects of public law especially relating to form and procedure of public authorities decision-making.

Research fields:

Administrative Law| Constitutional Law | EU law | Theory of Law | Administrative Justice | Social Welfare Law | Environmental and Planning Law

Recent works:

  • With Simon Halliday, (eds) (2017) Social Rights in Europe in an Age of Austerity (Routledge, Critical Studies in Jurisprudence)
  • (2019) Umano troppo umano. Decisioni amministrative automatizzate e principio di legalità, Diritto Pubblico, vol. XXIV, p. 5-41
  • (2018), Social rights, Social Market Economy, and the European Social Model: Tracing Conceptual Boundaries, in Cortese F., Ferri D. (eds) The EU Social Market Economy and the Law: Theoretical Perspectives and Practical Challenges for the EU (Routdlege)
  • With Simon Halliday (2018) Constitutional Law and Social Welfare after the Economic Crisis , in F Merloni, a cura di, The Impact of the Crisis on Democratic Institutions and Public Administrations. How Austerity policies are Changing Public Powers (Springer)
  • (2016) ‘Breaking the Isolation? Italian Perspectives on the Dialogue between the ECJ and Constitutional Courts’ European Public Law, vol. 22, ISSN: 1354-3725
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  • (2014) ‘Are Our European Legal Systems Evolving towards a Precedent Mode of Adjudication?’ Costitutozionalismo.it*, vol. 12, ISSN: 2036-6744
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